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      產品分類 > 過敏疾病檢測原料 > Recombinant Bla g 1 重組德國小蠊過敏原Bla g1

      Recombinant Bla g 1 重組德國小蠊過敏原Bla g1

      促銷: 8720.00
      價格: 8720.00


      Allergen:rBla g 1 (Blattella germanica allergen 1 )


      Source:P. pastoris

      Mol. Wt:Multiple molecular forms (see Notes)

      Purification:Purified from Pichia pastoris culture by affinity chromatography. Purity >95% by SDS-PAGE.


      See product insert. 


      Preservative and carrier-free in phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.4. Filtered through 0.22 μm filter.

      Storage:Store at -20oC.

      Notes:(1) rBla g 1 is produced in P. pastoris. As a result of proteolytic cleavage of tandem amino acid repeats, the product contains multiple molecular forms of rBla g 1.

      (2) Not tested for endotoxin.


      Genbank: AF072219

      Product Resources:Recombinant Bla g 1 Certificate of Analysis

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      Allergens are provided for research and commercial use in vitro:  not for human in vivo or therapeutic use.


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